JUANA LLOP SL, owner of the trade marks Drap, Drap Barcelona y CityDrap, es an Spanish addressed at Paseo Ciudad de Mallorca 9-11, tda. 2, E08016 Barcelona, inscribed in the Registro Mercantil de Barcelona, entry number 008069286, book 20864, folio 107 from Sección General, sheet B-13151, inscription 19 on April 26, 1991 and EU VAT number (ES)B59721357.

The brand name Frandami is owned by the company Frandami SL and is sold byJ UANA LLOP SL under license.

The CEO of JUANA LLOP SL is Mrs. Joana Llop Beltrán, contact pone:l (+34) 934.080.412 and email address:

JUANA LLOP SL Works with the following Bankers at the detailed cities and countries:

Popular Español – IBAN ES7600751338400600001190 - Barcelona (Spain)

Santander – IBAN ES4500493073042714178001 - Barcelona (Spain)

Sabadell – IBAN ES8500810149940001116022 – Barcelona (Spain)

Commerzbank – IBAN DE20300400000104037700 - Düsseldorf (Germany)

Intesa San Paolo – IBAN IT74G306909420090264810157 - Milán (Italy)

Insurer company: CREDITO Y CAUCIÓN SL – Madrid (Spain)


Orders sent directly by the customer, through any way (phone, telefax, email, shows) or through any of our representatives or agents in his area, must be confirmed and accepted by JUANA LLOP SL. An order confirmed and accepted will force both parts, JUANA LLOP SL and buyer, to conform this agreement.

Due to the exclusivity of our items, and to protect third parties, JUANA LLOP SL keep the right of rebuttal it not written confirmed.

As a last resort, the final acceptance of the order will depend of the agreement of the Spanish company CREDITO Y CAUCIÓN SL or form any of their branches or partner companies from the buyer’s country.


The delivery dates included in our orders acceptance are simply indicatives and the potential delays in the delivery don’t entitle the buyer to cancel the order, return the items, in case of delay delivery, or to any compensation for that reason.


All items sold will be sent by the buyer’s own risk, pursuant the Incoterm agreed on the order (upon the Incoterm 2010 list)

Foremost the sales will be protected under the ex-works term, except if the shipments exceed the 500 Euro (Spain) or 1.000 Euro (EU countries) Freight costs will be included into the invoice, in accordance with the current rate.

Orders placed by resident legal entities in other countries or island territories of the EU or dependents from EU countries are always excluded from the previous clause. If the buyer wishes, JUANA LLOP SL will advice about the freight costs and, if the buyer agreed with it, will be included in the invoice.

All any other costs, mainly the import costs (import taxes, Custom’s costs, etc…) will be always paid by the buyer.


Our items will be invoiced with the prices and quantities agreed in the order acceptance and confirming of the corresponding order.


Unless otherwise specified, our invoices will be paid in Euro and at the Banking accounts detailed above, except written agreement and signed by both parts.

The usual payment terms will change upon the uses and customs of the buyer’s country inside the EU countries (Banker’s receipt in Spain and Italy, dated bank draft in Portugal or wire transfer in any EU country.

By buyers from overseas, non-EU Europe countries and/or island territories, the payment terms, except by written special agreement, must confirm the order paying by advance the 50% of the amount, paying the other 50% when the ready-to-ship advice will be received, first to ship it.

Any order, from any EU country or not, refused to be insured by CRÉDITO Y CAUCIÓN SL must be full paid by advance previously to be confirmed.


Once accepted this agreement and in case of dispute of the interpretation of the agreement, of this execution or the execution of this General Terms and Conditions of Sales, will be solved by the Court of Barcelona, Spain.


Once the order has been delivered the buyers set out a maximum of 15 days to return it in case the items included were different from the order placed or have any vice, shown or hidden, from the date of delivery of the order. In any case the buyer must ask by any written way and accepted by the same used way.

Out of this term limit, the damaged item will be also repaired, depending on the availability of materials, but the repairing and freight costs will be paid by the buyer.


In the absence of a specific agreement to the contrary, any order submitted by on behalf of the buyer shall signify the buyer’s agreement without any reservation, to all of these General Terms and Conditions of Sale, notwithstanding anything said to the contrary in any terms or conditions of purchase submitted to the buyer.


EU, European Union countries, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain & Sweden.

The following European countries are considered non-EU or island territories: Albania, Andorra, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Cyprus, Georgia, Gibraltar, Gibraltar, Iceland, Ireland, Kazakhstan, Liechtenstein, Macedonia, Malta, Moldova, Monaco, Montenegro, Norway, Russia, San Marino Serbia, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom & Vatican City.

Please, note that this translation is for information only. In all cases, refer to the Spanish language version of these General Terms and Conditions of Sale control.