JUANA LLOP is a specialized firm whose eponymous founder and designer started up the DRAP brand back in 1987. Having already shown a vocation for this sector at a very young age, she has now become a benchmark in the world of evening bags and accessories for social events in Spain and internationally. Her designs have managed to conquer some 47 countries around the world, including Italy, the UK, Germany, Portugal, Russia, Japan and even the Persian Gulf states.

Innovation, measured boldness, curiosity and an interest in finding new alternatives for the world of evening and occasion bags have inspired some unusual and spectacular designs.

DRAP’s creations have proved tremendously popular with women in every different country. The firm’s products appeal to everyone, and this is the key to its success.

Today, as well as offering its most fundamental articles, women’s evening and occasion bags (featuring some 50 new models every season), the firm also designs, manufactures and markets other products along the same lines: shoes that match its handbags, wraps and stoles, tiaras and fashion jewellery. The vital accessories for the modern woman who wants to look chic, groomed and radiant at social events.

JUANA LLOP’s designs are created with the needs of the modern women in mind and their diversity of styles and personality; women who are increasingly demanding bags and accessories that are functional, stylish and innovative.

Her views:

“It really gives me a buzz to think of a woman picking up one of my bags and appreciating its design, and really enjoying the feeling of wearing it and carrying it”

Research is a constant feature in terms of materials and shapes. Every new project is a fresh challenge, full of enthusiasm and endeavour.

Her inspiration is fed constantly on a daily basis, whether by the effect of a colour, an atmosphere, a print or any other object that sparks off new creative ideas, which for JUANA LLOP have no limits:

“I incorporate elements from all kinds of other sectors in my designs for handbags and other accessory ranges; it’s something I find fascinating and the results can be really good”

Quality is an absolute that is applied to every creation. The products are exhaustively studied and analysed, from the lining to the closing mechanism of every bag. The optimum volume, weight and lifespan of a handbag are hallmarks of JUANA LLOP and the DRAP brand.


Every design produced by DRAP is the result of an in-depth analysis of ingenious shapes, harmonious sizes, evocative materials and high quality finishes.

During the course of her career, JUANA LLOP has created more than 7,000 different handbag designs. However, the number of bags manufactured for each design is limited to between 500 and 1,000 to supply all 47 countries.

JUANA LLOP’s creations, ranging from the simplest through to the most sophisticated handbags, feature finely-tuned designs that are characterised by their originality and painstaking attention to detail. Clutches and shoulder bags in a whole range of sizes and unusual finishes seek to provide women with distinction and elegance, harmony and good taste, glamour and fun.

Some of them are benchmarks of timeless, evocative originality and are still highly sought-after today, such as the handbag made from gold mesh with two different fastening versions which, uniquely, managed to surpass sales of 10,000 and 15,000 items.

Minaudieres, also known as “Jewel bags" are beautiful designs in unique styles, some of them containing 6,300 pieces of hand-crafted crystal, involving a laborious manufacturing process of more than ten hours. These bags transcend fashion and can even become heritage items to be treasured and passed down from mother to daughter, like a family memento full of charm and practicality.

Satin, silk, velvet, mother-of-pearl, mink, leather and, very specially, Swarovski crystals, are all widely used in the designs, and the most exclusive ones also feature gold embroidery. Metal mesh in brass, silver, aged silver, gold and lead grey are exclusive features of the firm and one of the strong points of its collections.

Fantasy embroidery in metallic and jewelled colours such as red, fuchsia and green, not forgetting the classic yet always elegant tones of gold, silver, brown and black.


JUANA LLOP, SL designs, manufactures and markets her products under the DRAP brand, with an emphasis on evening and occasion bags, though also featuring matching shoes and other accessories such as hand-crafted wraps and stoles. The brand offers a beautifully conceived range of exclusive, original options so every woman can choose the perfect item for any kind of social event in tune with her style and personality.

Ranges in different formats, materials and textures…. very practical draping, ribbing, hidden clasps, and a huge spectrum of evocative, natural, surprising, diverting and ingenious ideas.

Shoes to elegantly enhance your feet on special occasions. Inspired by the handbag designs, the key article, and fashioned to match. Created following artisan processes, they come in different heel heights and comfortable lasts.

Wraps and stoles are hand-woven from top quality materials and feature beautiful finishes, adding a distinctive finishing touch to any outfit.

JUANA LLOP’s fashion jewellery brings a new approach and fresh ideas to this accessory. Large, statement pieces in spectacular designs and tonal combinations, featuring brightly-coloured crystal gemstones.

Flowers are featured in intricate brooches for fastening bridal veils, pinning a wrap or as the perfect finishing touch for a dress, a jacket or a coat.

This range is the latest offering from the brand and gives a stunning and unique finish to outfits for special occasions.

Presentation. Each piece is immaculately presented and all the designs come with slips to protect the product. The labels clearly identify the brand, as well as special labels for designs featuring Swarovski crystals.

In every country, DRAP’s creations and dynamic approach have had a major impact and met with visitors’ undiluted enthusiasm. The company exports 40% of its output to 47 countries on all five continents, with subsidiaries and agents in Italy, Germany, Portugal and Japan. Apart from Spain, the Italian market is the leading buyer of articles by JUANA LLOP, S.L.

The company has showrooms in Barcelona, Düsseldorf, Milano, Messina & Bari where visitors from all over the world can enjoy pre-arranged tours.

The company studies and establishes the best possible commercial agreements and relationships with trade professionals and potential clients, offering a personalized approach with an emphasis on service.

Every season the firm publishes a multilingual catalogue. Adapting to the sectors in each individual country is one of the keys to its successful international expansion.


The basic premise of JUANA LLOP is to provide an attentive, personalized approach and outstanding customer service.

The company offers product lines that achieve the optimum balance between quality and price, this being the objective behind each creation.

Listening to and taking on board the suggestions and requirements of our clients is another important characteristic of JUANA LLOP’s operations.

The methods and procedures we use offer total assurance for our clients and end users.

“Drap – a brilliant creation for women”